Clients helped by our Peer Circles Project are some of the most vulnerable to the effects of the Covid pandemic as face to face contact is intrinsic to the support they receive. It helps people with complex needs who are already socially isolated so it is vital that we keep our clients feeling supported and connected through other means.

Most of the clients are in unstable housing situations, have few possessions and are experiencing problems with physical and mental health.

Support from the Covid 19 Appeal has played a vital role in helping us buy mobile phone top ups, phone data, food vouchers, toiletries and ensure people’s utility bills are paid. This ensures that our vulnerable clients have essential supplies of basics whilst they self isolate and we are able to maintain frequent and regular phone contact with them.

Here is just one example of how you are helping. Our caseworker is in touch with one vulnerable woman who has just been made redundant from her job. She has recently moved to a new area and is incredibly isolated with no money. She has no furniture and only a small fridge. She has been grieving for many years following the death of her husband. She is now very worried for her own health and that of her children.
Her caseworker says:

“There are ways we can stay in contact during this time but it boils down to her having to buy data to access the internet. I have agreed with her to check in with me daily if she can or I will be in touch with her.”

Thanks to your support, we can contact her every day to check how she is coping and step in with more support if needed.