St Giles Trust RLSE

What is the RLSE?

St Giles Trust RLSE offers grants to all St Giles Trust clients who are seeking to gain employment. To be eligible to apply, you must be currently being supported by a St Giles Trust Caseworker or Peer Advisor. The Fund will remain open to people in prison who have historically and regularly made applications but they will be required to apply under the new process.

Can I apply?

Any grant application would need to include a clear demonstration of how applying will have a direct link to gaining employment. Typically, this could include: training courses under £500, work-related clothing, equipment and tools. Please read these guidelines for further information on applications.

When are applications decided?

All applications will receive an acknowledgement within two days of receipt. If you are eligible we will let you know when the decision panel meets to discuss your application. If your application is ineligible or information from it is missing, we will write to you to let you know.

The decision panel meets every two months. Within two weeks of the panel meeting, applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application.

How are awards made?

If you have secured an award, we will arrange for payment to be made directly to any providers e.g. training providers, shops. You will not receive a direct payment.

Please click here for full guidelines and here to download an application form which must be returned to [email protected]

Please note that our funds are very limited, and not all applications will be approved so this should not be your first and only port of call when making an application for funding.

For further information please email [email protected] or phone us on 020 7708 8000