Work in partnership with The Royal London Hospital and Barts NHS Health Trust

Sadly, many young people who are in need of SOS’s support end up in hospital before we can reach them.

Our two SOS caseworkers embedded in the Major Trauma Centre of Royal London Hospital offer support to young people who are admitted as a result of serious youth violence and sexual violence.

This very busy team work in close partnership with clinical staff at Barts NHS Health Trust to provide this service. When young people are referred to us by their staff, we assess their needs then support them whilst they are still in hospital, on discharge and offer follow up services in the community to help them stay safe and reduce the likelihood of future admissions.

Usually, this involves helping the young person find a safe place to stay as returning to their home area can often have risks of reprisals. Once the young person’s situation is stabilised, we will help them engage with services offering support around education, skills and training.

This area of our work supports young people who are often in highly vulnerable,life-threatened situations. Our friendly, credible caseworkers can help build bridges with them and gain their trust. Their patient,persistent support helps the young person get their life back on track.