The London Peer Hub

The London Peer Hub trains adults with a range of disadvantages such as previous convictions,homelessness and long-term unemployment to become qualified professionals known as Peer Advisors and have the opportunity to gain a Level 3 Certificate in Advice and Guidance.

In addition to the qualification, Peer Advisors also gain practical experience through a voluntary placement with one of our teams or an external partner in South London delivering advice and guidance to service users.

To be eligible to train as a Peer Advisors you need to be:
•Either already in a voluntary placement within South London delivering advice and guidance or be willing to commit to volunteering in an organisation delivering advice and guidance;
•Passionate about supporting others to overcome barriers;
•Willing to commit to work towards gaining a Level 3 Certificate in Advice and Guidance;
• Interested in accessing employability support and/or progressing towards paid employment.

In addition, we are also looking for organisations willing to host a Peer Advisor in placement. To find out more or to apply to be a Peer Advisor please contact the London Peer Hub on 020 7708 8020 or [email protected].